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July 31, 2023 • 4 mins read
12 Best Crypto News Websites in 2023
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In this day and age, none of us avid internet-goers are immune to the horrors of fake news. Increasingly so when highly volatile financial assets like cryptocurrencies are on the line. Investors need timely information they can trust and make decisions on, and with so much information out there, it seems almost impossible to separate the gold from the fluff. 


To do exactly that, we have compiled a crypto news websites list for you so you know that the information you’re consuming is accurate.


Best crypto news websites


Here are some trustworthy websites for crypto news that you can follow to stay on top in this spcae:


1. CoinDesk


Founded in May 2013, CoinDesk was one of the first websites to launch and cover the emergence of Bitcoin, which was itself launched just a few years earlier in 2009. Today, with more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter, it is one of the loudest voices in the crypto industry. It boasts more than 13 million visits on its website worldwide every month, and hires more than 50 top-notch crypto journalists to work full-time at their operation.


CoinDesk also hosts myriad industry events and webinars each year, including the annual Consensus summit event each May, one of the largest gatherings of stakeholders in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem on Earth.


2. The Block


Through The Block’s website, this media giant operates several informational products on the internet including newsletters, research portals, podcasts like the “The Scoop”, not to mention financing data gathering and scouting for bespoke research engagements. The Block is said to interact with more than tens of thousands of technologists, financial market participants, Fortune 500 professionals, global service providers, and policymakers, to give their readers the inside scoop every single day.

Covering the blockchain, cryptos, and everything in between, The Block delivers deep insight into how this emerging sector interacts with traditional finance, technology, governments, and markets, and how complex these cross-industry developments can be.


3. Bitcoin Magazine


Bitcoin Magazine is owned by BTC Media LLC, which is the media and publishing subsidiary of BTC Inc. It is said to be the first publication devoted exclusively to Bitcoin. Founders Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, published their first issue in May 2012 and later joined forces with Orlando, Florida-based Coin Publishing LLC to produce 22 issues of the Magazine. Since then, the Magazine has aimed to provide accurate, original, and analytical information to its readers every month.


While some free articles can be found on their website, the magazine itself requires a subscription to hit your email every month. The website also has a fun learning webpage called 21 Days of Bitcoin with loads of relevant, educational material.


4. Coin Bureau


CoinBureau is a new-age information website that features educational and informational blockchain information. With their Youtube channel and their blog combined, CoinBureau claims to reach more than 1.4 million people every month. They put out a newsletter every week, and have a bunch of podcast episodes in archive on their website that anyone can access. If you’re looking for coverage that spans everything from recommendations to analyses written in a modern, fun, and easy-to-understand way, they’re your guy.


5. is perhaps one of the most comprehensive websites on this list. If you’re looking to understand what crypto is and how to start, along with what to buy and what not to touch, this is the place to be. Their website is divided into different sections like News, Exclusives, Videos, Guides, and Exchanges, so not only can you do your research on their platform, you can also implement it right there. is also probably one of the fastest news breakers in the crypto world, covering the minutest and the latest happenings at the same time, every single day. Highly recommended.


6. Milk Road


Milk Road is best known as a daily newsletter, website, and social media presence that provides tools, information, and news to help people understand crypto. The USP of the Milk Road is that they’re fun, chatty, and conversational in language, providing a welcome break from the often monotonous and largely empirical content the others tend to put out.


Milk Road hits your newsletter every day, which means you get a scoop of the previous day’s events as soon as you’re ready. Milk Road is short and functional, never wasting your time while keeping you truly engaged.


7. Analytics Insight


Analytics Insight is not just about crypto – it’s about the bigger picture. Focusing mostly on artificial intelligence, big data, decentralisation, and big tech, Analytics Insight is not the website that covers every single thing happening in every single project. They’re the people who put it all together for you. They invite opinions from top leaders and executives and feature them on their blog, surfing off of expert insight and opinions. Success stories, experiences, and insights into business journeys are their forté.


If you’re a business leader or executive or maybe just another reader looking to zoom out of everyday developments to see the bigger picture, Analytics Insight will do that for you.


8. CoinTelegraph


One of the biggest names in the crypto news industry, CoinTelegraph is one of the leading independent digital media resources covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends. With team members stationed in more than 30 countries, they gather their news from everywhere and serve it to you on colourful platters and through language that means business.


News reporting can only be so imaginative, and so CoinTelegraph makes sure their featured articles and op-ed pieces are right up there with the best in the world.




Decrypt is a media platform that focuses on stories from crypto, technology, business, education, and the latest news on the blockchain. Based in Brooklyn, they raised more than $10 million in funding recently to expand their operations and hire more journalists. Decrypt, as the clever wordplay suggests, refers to finding the subtle from the obvious, and giving readers understanding along with awareness.


Their articles and website feature a black and blue, metallic aesthetic, suggestive of how mining rigs usually look in the crypto community. They also cover stories from NFTs, DeFi, and Web 3.0. 




CryptoPotato is also a great source for your crypto news and updates. They’re an ambitious bunch who are doing pretty well in amassing readership across their information-rich blog. They put out a market update newsletter every day with…well, market updates, and have entire sections dedicated to analysing Bitcoin and Ethereum movements. They hire technical analysts in-house to give solid information to their readers, who often use these insights to make trading decisions.


11. Reddit


Possibly the best website for real-time crypto news, Reddit is not a suggestion you’d traditionally get when looking for news websites. However, Reddit is bigger than you think in the crypto community. Most coins, blockchains, and decentralised projects have dedicated subreddits aimed to cater to their community – followers, users, and miners. Major crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have millions of users following these subs.


The strength of a crypto community is tested by how many people actively contribute to the project’s development (in any capacity) regularly. Looking at the number of Reddit users following these subreddits is a pretty good indicator of how the project is being perceived in the industry. It is not a catchall indicator, unfortunately, because of how easily social media numbers can be manipulated.


However, with everyday threads that engage the community with the nuances and minutest details of upcoming updates to the blockchain, big news, and protocol changes, you’ll definitely know more about the coin after you’ve spent some time on its Reddit handle than you did before. A few rules of thumb would be:


  • Don’t just rely on the size of the community – also look for quality content.
  • Look for positive indicators like upvotes, shares, and high engagement in the comments.
  • Observe if the actual developers of the project involve themselves in discussions fruitfully. No one knows what’s happening inside a project better than the people who built it.


12. Twitter


Twitter’s the place where the chatter never stops – whether it’s about the latest moon landing or the waterlogged streets of Delhi! That carries on to the crypto industry too. Communities on Twitter are like a treasure trove of wisdom. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned HODLer, you’ll find all kinds of people here. 


Twitter, through microblogging, is undoubtedly one of the fastest mediums in the dispersion of knowledge and information. This characteristic comes into great use when traders are looking for vital information to leverage their trades. Not only that, but discussions around a particular project through hashtags  can help investors gauge market sentiment and invest accordingly.


The platform also allows projects to market their coins widely, launch new extensions, make protocol changes public, and interact with their clientele directly through Tweets or DMs. Airdrops can also be advertised on Twitter through paid advertisements, which are more effective here than anywhere else.




And there you have it – the 12 best crypto news websites of 2023! From fast-paced updates to in-depth analyses, these digital monsters are the trailblazers of the crypto jungle, guiding you through its ever-changing landscape.


With these crypto news websites by your side, you’re armed with the latest insights and expert opinions, ready to navigate the unpredictable seas of digital assets. So go forth, and may your wallets be fat, your trades be wise, and your crypto dreams reach for the stars! May the blockchain be with you!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which website is best for trading in the crypto market?


There are lots of apps and websites that let you buy and sell cryptocurrencies through their exchanges. The biggest of these are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. Each of these platforms has its own pros and cons and you must choose one that aligns perfectly with your goals. Depending on whether you’re a professional trader or a novice investor, you could also choose platforms based on charges, hidden fees, etc.


How were these websites selected for 2023?


The best crypto news websites for 2023 in this list were selected based on factors such as credibility, content quality, user engagement, timeliness of updates, and overall reputation within the crypto community. These websites also command a huge share of the internet traffic that goes online looking for crypto updates regularly, as indicated by their site numbers.


Are these websites suitable for beginners in the crypto space?


Absolutely! Many of the best crypto news websites cater to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. They often provide educational articles and guides to help newcomers understand the basics of crypto and blockchain technology. In fact, they can be used to learn more about how markets function, identify trends, and make smarter investment decisions over time.


What type of content can I find on these websites?


On these websites, you can find a wide range of content, including breaking news, market updates, analysis of crypto trends, interviews with industry experts, coverage of blockchain events, and educational resources for beginners. While news remains an important part of their daily working, these websites for real-time crypto news act as one-stop solution to all your crypto information needs.

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12 Best Crypto News Websites in 2023
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In this day and age, none of us avid internet-goers are immune to the horrors of fake news...
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