Cryptocurrency Tax Management for Traders & Investors

Simple to use for traders & investors, all under one roof

Just enter your wallet address and let our softwares do the taxation magic

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Integrates with 300+ exchanges, 50+ wallets on over 14+ EVM compatible chains
Upload your trades easily in CSV files or via APIs
Supports NFTs & De-Fi transactions even!
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Accurate tax calculation

Generate crypto tax reports that are compliant with the Indian Tax regulations

Buy, Sell, Margin, Rewards, Airdrops, Lending, Staking - All transactions supported
Calculates capital gains and losses for the financial year
Detects issues such as Double Entry Ledger System, Missing Transaction, and duplicate handling

Download & File your Taxes

Easily download your tax reports and file your taxes on time

Download and share reports with your tax consultant
Minimal effort required with our auto-generated forms
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best crypto trader

Manage your Portfolio

Take charge of your crypto assets all in one dashboard

Compare your portfolio against popular indices like BTC, ETH, USDT etc
Review your total holdings, profit & loss, and overall growth
Search, filter and access your unified transaction history, anytime, anywhere

Are you a crypto enthusiast who wants someone to take care of your crypto taxes?

Is tracking your assets on different exchanges making it cumbersome for you?

  • Fuzzy tax regulations are obstructing your trading potential
  • Tracking your assets on different exchanges makes it a cumbersome process
  • Then let Binocs take over your taxes, while you track your portfolio, all in one place
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We decrypt Crypto for you

crypto portfolio tracker
narenbinocsNov 15, 2022

What Are Stocks? and How to invest in Stocks?A stock is a broad term that refers to any company’s ownership certificates. A share, on the other hand, refers to a company’s stock certificate. You become a shareholder if you own a share of a specific company. Stocks are mainly invested in for either dividends or capital appreciation,Stocks are classified into two types:1. Common stock: Enables the investor to receive dividends

crypto portfolio tracker
narenbinocsNov 15, 2022

How do Crypto Taxes work?Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are considered property under IRS regulations. This means that any time you sell, exchange, or dispose of cryptocurrency to buy something, you are engaging in a taxable transaction. Crypto taxes will be levied on the owner of such cryptocurrency. Users will be able to “instantly convert their chosen cryptocurrency balance to fiat currency, with the certainty of value and no incremental fees,”

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