We take care of your crypto taxes, while you take care of your assets

Our Purpose

Investing in a decentralized digital future and tapping on a new market opportunity.

With ~20m investors, India is among the top 3 crypto markets in the world by a number of retail investors. It is touted to become #1 in a few years.

This is the perfect time to create a tax and portfolio tracking system in one of the largest markets globally. But in the near future we will have a global presence.

Building in India will discipline us to create the right breadth and depth in our purpose (support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, tokens, protocols, smart contracts, cover different tax corner cases, etc.) that can support tax and portfolio tracking requirements of investors in other countries.

Our dream is to become a ubiquitous name whenever anyone around the world thinks of using a software for their crypto tax, accounting and portfolio tracking.


Our Mission

To give our users the most compelling crypto experience, while creating a technology led-future.

People are apprehensive to dip their toes into the world of cryptocurrencies for plenty of reasons. One of them being the lack of information around crypto tax regulations. But with state-of-the-art technology, we ease the crypto taxation journey of our users. Our software is compliant with the latest regulations, ensuring our users can calculate their taxes efficiently.

A sophisticated crypto accounting and tax software needs to understand all the types of transactions happening to create account statements, tax and other reports. At Binocs, we have the ability to access and understand all this data.

We do this by integrating your wallet and data from different exchanges, all while being compliant with the tax regulations.

We want our users to make their investments their only priority, and leave the taxes to us.

our mission and vision

What do we do?

We simplify Crypto Taxes & Portfolio Tracking. As easy as that

In an increasingly complex crypto world, we help our users adapt and evolve to the ever-changing dynamics by simplifying their accounting and helping them stay on top of their portfolios.

Compliances related to crypto trades and investments can be tricky, error-prone and time-consuming. We want to mitigate these pain points and let our users have a seamless crypto experience.

We wish to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their crypto performance whilst building a great company that attracts, grows, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Who we are

We’re a passionate team of builders, do-oers, creators and changemakers.

Among other things, we’re a squad of mission-driven individuals and builders. We’re ambitious and fearless. We endlessly support each other while being fun to work with.

We are on a mission to do the impossible, anything short of it is an injustice to our talent.

Binocs Culture


From the movie 300,

Stelios: It's an honour to die at your side

King Leonidas: It's an honour to have lived at yours

Among other things, we’re a squad of mission-driven individuals and builders. We’re ambitious and fearless. We endlessly support each other while being fun to work with.
We are on a mission to do the impossible, anything short of it is an injustice to our talent.

Meet the Team


Tonmoy Singhal

Co-founder & CEO


Pankaj Garg

Co-founder & CTO


Vikalp Jambhulkar

Head of Marketing


Supreet Agarwal

Product Manager


Rahul Jaiswal

Back End


Shakun Gupta



Sumit Kumawat

UX & Design


Manoj Bajaj

Full Stack


Our Team comprises seasoned professionals with Software Engg and Business backgrounds from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amex, GE Finance, Grab, Yodlee, Clear Tax, WazirX, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc.

Founder's Note

Ships are safe in a harbor but that's not what ships are made for.

From schooling to university and our early professional lives, Pankaj and I have been lucky to witness some life-altering shifts brought by technology. The software revolution has transcended from catering to only MNCs and Fortune 500 corporations in the 90s to SMBs worldwide and now individual users through our phones and otherwise.

Who would’ve thought a world with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media platforms would exist? And yet, here we are.

Amidst all this chaos, new technology came into the picture. Blockchain!
And we are big supporters of the power of technology, especially blockchain.
Blockchain is more than just technology. It is a living ecosystem. While still nascent, what we see today is the power of combining tech with economics, psychology, and sociology, at scale.

We believe we are a ship built for the high seas. All our sailors thrive on the high seas.

Start-ups are a risky affair, no doubt. No matter how we mask the entire love affair, the odds of making it to the end are slim. This journey, an uphill battle, is perhaps material for the brave hearts and extremely patient - long-term players. At Binocs we want our sailors to reflect on their work every 3 months and be like - I really did something meaningful. Every 3 months of the journey should be like a metamorphosis event for us to transform ourselves into smarter and even more effective individuals.

To end it, I’d like to leave you with a quote from movie ‘King Williams’

Paul Cohen - "Who On The Tour Do You Want To Play Like?"

Serena Williams - "Well, I'd Like Other People To Want To Play Like Me."