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How to import your Flitpay data to Binocs via CSV file?

Before uploading it to Binocs, you must first download a CSV file from Flitpay containing your complete trade history.These CSV allow our system to read your account history to generate portfolio and compute taxes.

Note -
1. Please aggregate all CSVs for current and past years. 


2. Only upload Flitpay CSVs for this exchange.


3. Please ensure that for incremental transactions, data is added only after the last transaction date and with the same account label.


4. Supported CSVs types in Binocs for Flitpay are: exchange trades, deposits withdrawals, crypto deposits withdrawals, Flitpay OTC trades. 


5. Supported transaction types for this CSV connection are: sell, buy, deposit, withdraw, fixed.

How to download and export your transaction history CSV file from Flitpay?


STEP 1: Log in to your Flitpay account.


STEP 2: Locate the Wallet option in the top header column and click on it.


STEP 3: On the Wallet Page, locate and select the Account Statement option.


STEP 4: In the Account Statement section, find the "Choose a Type" drop down menu and select "All" from the available options.


STEP 5: Specify the date range for which you wish to generate the report. Ensure that the range falls within the past 12 months.


STEP 6: Once you have entered the desired date range, click on the "Generate Report" button.


STEP 7: A pop-up message will appear, informing you that your report is being prepared and will be sent to your registered email address.


STEP 8: Save all the downloaded CSV files to your device for future reference.
Your CSV will look like this, when you open the Flitpay CSV.

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