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Bitbns x Binocs: A one-stop solution for filing your crypto taxes and portfolio tracking

Crypto regulations can be a tough cookie to crack. And to add taxes on top of that can be a cumbersome task. This is where Bincos will take over and handle your taxes for you, while you can concentrate on growing your portfolio. 

A simple yet efficient crypto taxation solution and portfolio tracking platform. 

Binocs is building cutting-edge accounting, taxation and portfolio tracking software for all crypto transactions. Our software makes it effortless for Indian crypto investors to comply with the latest regulations announced by the Government. Binocs cater to both B2B and B2C use cases.

India is a large market for crypto. There are approximately 20 million Indian crypto investors, which is already the second largest base in the world (after the US). It is expected to become the largest in a few years to come. As crypto compliances evolve for Indians, they need an automated software solution to help track their crypto portfolio and compute their taxes and compliances.

Partnered with 300+ exchanges, 50+ wallets and 20+ smart contracts, users can integrate multiple accounts on a single software and receive a comprehensive tax report. Bincos can handle various forms of transactions on the platform and can detect double-entry transactions and other errors. 

Users can also track their entire varied crypto portfolio all under one platform. Whether users wish to track their NFTs, coins or contracts, they don’t need to keep a tab of it on different platforms. It can all happen on Binocs. 

Binocs aims to bridge the gap between the government regulations and investors by providing clarity, services and solutions for all things crypto tax related. 

How to integrate with Bitbns on Binocs

  • Visit https://app.binocs.co/login to login or signup on to the Binocs app
  • Users can log in with their user credentials or choose the option Login with Google (Log in with google can also help you Sign up)
  • Once you sign in, the interface will direct you to >  Connect a wallet/exchange page
  • Click on the drop-down list available and select > BitBns
  • Once a user clicks on BitBns, they will be redirected to the Bitbns website. Users then need to sign in to their BitBns account
  • Upon signing in,  BitBns will ask for permission to give read-only access to your trades to Binocs
  • Once the user approves the permission, they will be redirected to Binocs app with a message > Successful BitBns Integration!
  • In 20 minutes (due to the rate limit by exchanges), users would then be able to see all their BitBns transaction history on Binocs

All the trades are now integrated on a single platform.
Users can integrate other exchanges and wallets the same way and try getting an overview of their portfolio and tax liability! 

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/binocs_co
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/binocs-co/

Happy trading!

Team Binocs 

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