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How should I import data from crypto exchanges/services?

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Binocs has integrated with over 300+ exchanges and 100+ wallets. No matter where you conduct your crypto transactions(Binance, Coinbase, FTX, BitBns, Vauld), you will be able to import your data easily in just a few clicks on Binocs. 

You can import your data via 2 methods-

1. Read-only API 

If your exchange has an API (and Binocs supports it) then you will see the option to set up an API when creating the wallet. If your exchange supports this format, we recommend using this method since it will sync with your exchange account as you continue to trade and you won’t have to keep updating your data on Binocs time and again. 

2. CSV or Excel Files 

A few exchanges may not have the read-only API method. In that case, your can always export your transaction history to excel and upload the CSV file on Binocs directly. As and when your transactions increase you will have to upload the latest CSV files on Binocs. In case of duplicate transactions, Binocs will identify those and take care of the calculations accordingly. 

Adding a new exchange wallet on Binocs
Go to the Wallets page on Binocs and click on Add Wallet.

  1. Search your preferred exchange and click on Add once you find it
  2. If the exchange you are trying to add has an API integration, you will see the “Add new Account” option. Enter your API keys and hit Secure Import
  3. If you prefer to import a file with your data then you can select the Import from File option instead.

Importing additional data into an existing wallet
If you already created a wallet, you can still connect it to an API or import new files to it.

  1. Go to the Wallets page and click on your wallet.
  2. If the wallet has an API you will see the option to “Setup auto-sync” option
  3. To import from the file just click on the Import file button and follow the instructions

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