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Decryption refers to the act of reversing an encryption process to reveal the previously encrypted information. This is done by converting unreadable data or ciphertext into readable data or plaintext. 

Understanding the term 

To understand the meaning of decryption, we must first talk about what encryption is. Encryption makes data unreadable. Thus, to decrypt in crypto means to convert the encrypted information back to its original and understandable form. This method of encryption and decryption is applied to a specific type of cryptographic keys which are generated by cryptographic algorithms. Any piece of encrypted information can be easily converted back to its original form just by using its corresponding decryption key. However, the process of decryption becomes difficult if the right key is not used. The only alternative in these cases is to use brute-force attacks. 


Decryption is the process of converting coded ciphertext into readable text, the inverse of encryption.  Along with encryption, decryption ensures the uniqueness of a blockchain. It takes place from the receiver’s side and requires a private key to be completed. Data is encrypted using a public key. The key required to decrypt the blockchain is known as the private key

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