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Mainnet refers to the situation where a blockchain protocol has been fully developed and deployed. This means cryptocurrency transactions can now be broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology.

Understanding the term 

Mainnet refers to the end product of a blockchain project which the public can use. This is different from the term test net which is used to describe a blockchain network that is not up and running at its full capacity. However, the Mainnet, just like a Testnet, can be altered whenever projects or open-source groups feel that the project requires modifications or updates. Usually, the token sale of a project takes place before the Mainnet.

Many projects usually distribute ERC-20 tokens to investors’ wallets during the ICO stage. After this phase is complete, the team usually releases the mainnet, which normally has a native coin other than the previously issued ERC-20 tokens. At this stage, a mainnet swap occurs where the ERC-20 tokens are swapped for the coins of the new blockchain.


The Mainnet refers to any independent blockchain that runs on its own network, with its own technology and protocol after being fully developed and deployed. A Mainnet is rolled out once the token sale has been completed.

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