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An instance where an individual tricks people and obtains sensitive information by pretending to be trustworthy is known as “phishing”.

Understanding the term

People experience the true meaning of phishing on a daily basis, both offline and online. This type of fraud has always existed in one form or another. It starts when a scammer contacts any individual acting as a well-known and reliable entity, such as a company representative or a government official.

Unsuspecting people often come into contact with phishing emails, which are sent by a scammer and contain malicious links. Clicking on such links can compromise a computer system’s defenses and give the scammer hold of all important and sensitive data present.

Lack of security awareness is among the top reasons behind a phishing attack, meaning you have to be vigilant and avoid interacting with any spam link. Some of the most common phishing types in the crypto space are fake giveaways from an unverified source, false airdrops, SIM hacking, and fake crypto wallets. 


The phishing attack is largely a social engineering attack, as scammers rely on social networking. Phishing methods include sending direct messages over social media networks and text messages.

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