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Protocol for Proof of Attendance


As the name suggests, the Proof of Attendance Protocol (PoAP) is a type of protocol that facilitates the secure transfer of data between two parties using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for easy verification.

Understanding the term

In 2012, Dan Novaes came up with a blockchain application for rewarding users for dedicating a specific amount of time to an event. The PoA Network team further developed this idea, and the first PoAP debut was at the ETH Denver Convention in 2019. At this event, attendees received PoAP as a non-fungible badge to reward them for participating.

PoAP is used to fulfill purposes such as verifying credentials, securing digital signatures, and even tracking attendance at an event. Experts see the Proof of Attendance Protocol as a combination of physical as well as digital world concepts.

The benefits of using PoAP are data security and its immutability, which restricts anyone from making fake records on this protocol. The idea behind PoAP came from fixing the existing problems with Proof of Work (PoW) in 2017.


The goal of the Proof of Attendance Protocol is to support small-scale and amateur events by helping them raise funds conveniently by bringing down the costs and getting everyone involved.

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