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Ransomware meaning is a computer malware program that infects a victim’s system by encrypting important data files in exchange for a ransom payment, which is primarily in cryptocurrency.

Understanding the term

Ransomware is a specific type of malware used to extort a victim by encrypting their files across devices and systems. A malware like that gains access to a victim’s computer through different phishing methods, such as hiding under a spam email.

Usually, the email spam box is filled with seemingly harmless messages that contain infected attachments, links, and media files awaiting activation. Following activation, these ransomware programs can spread all over a victim’s computer system and make important data inaccessible to the victim.

There are three classes of ransomware:

1. Scareware

In a scareware program, victims receive threats from an attacker in the form of several pop-up messages urging them to act quickly and secure their device.

2. Screen lockers

In a screen locker case, hackers disable a victim’s access to their devices and use them for illegal activities so that law enforcement can hold the victim accountable.

3. Encrypting ransomware

When hackers encrypt their victim’s important files and data using a complex encryption algorithm and make it inaccessible until they receive a ransom, then it is encrypting ransomware


The most preferred mode of payment for ransomware attackers has been cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, because they cannot be traced. But blockchain technology can be used to disarm ransomware and prevent such scams.

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