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Source Code


Source code is a type of code that consists of commands written in a high-level programming language and executable by a computer.

Understanding the term

Source code can be seen as a collection of code that appears as text-based instructions. At the heart of the source code, one can find an assortment of symbols, words, and letters. The instructions written in source code need to be translated into machine language from a high-level language using a compiler or interpreter so that computers can understand the executable commands. The purpose of a compiler is to make programs executable by translating the source code into a language well understood by machines.

The source code of an open-source project originates and develops in an environment that is accessible to all. Due to this transparency, people can see how a program works and make modifications as per requirement. The source code of a program can be found in the form of text files, but the exact format of these files differs from one program to another.


Source code is often considered synonymous with the fundamental code of a program. Though it is written in a programming language, it can still be read as text.

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