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An advanced type of computer system that has remarkably high computational as well as processing power is commonly referred to as a supercomputer.

Understanding the term

Supercomputers hold significance in the world of crypto because they possess higher computational power than traditional computers and can be used in the development of blockchain-based projects. It would not be wrong to assume that supercomputers are needed to achieve all kinds of technological advancements. They differ vastly from normal household computers, which have limited processing power and can only handle a small number of operations at a specific time. People can measure the efficiency and power of supercomputers in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS).

Governments around the globe are investing heavily in the development and research of supercomputers, which is turning out to be a global competition to be an innovator in this field. So far, China, the United States, and the European Union have been able to make some progress in building the only computer capable of processing one quintillion FLOPS in one go.


Supercomputers can be ideal for developing blockchain technology, but they are susceptible to hacking attempts. According to various news outlets, European-based hackers have been running crypto mining scams globally.

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