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Token Supply


Token supply is described as the collective number of all tokens existing on a blockchain.

Understanding the term

From the token supply of a cryptocurrency, you get an estimate of the total number of tokens existing on the blockchain, including the ones that are locked or not in public circulation. It can also be called the total token supply, as it is a fixed number of tokens to be created. When cryptocurrencies are developed, the token supply is one of the things decided firsthand.

Unlike current token supply, which refers to the number of tokens available at any particular moment, token supply denotes a permanent count of crypto-assets available through the blockchain. If a crypto project goes into development, then to create abundance and inflation, the team must decide to put an additional number of tokens into circulation and therefore increase the overall token supply. People have to stay informed about a crypto’s token supply before making an investment in it so as to stay safe from price manipulations.


The token supply for any cryptocurrency also includes tokens that are not part of the public circulation (i.e., tokens that haven’t been minted yet).

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