Complete Loan
Management Software for

Institutional Lending

A reliable portfolio tracking software for asset managers and
borrowers for covenant, cashflow and ESG tracking.

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What we offer?

The most modern and secured tech stack to manage your entire workflow, so you get to focus on key decision making.

Portfolio Tracking and Early Warning System
Efficiently oversee your entire loan book as a lender, track live updates of the latest portfolio, and get Early Warnings about the borrower's health.
Track Covenants, ESG and Repayments
Gain insight into cash flow projections by monitoring all past and upcoming loan repayments.
Central Communication for All Stakeholders
Centralized communication, workflow and document sharing platform between lenders, co-lenders, borrowers, agents, intermediaries, service providers, investor and advisors
Document Management and Analysis
Store all historical and current critical documents securely in a single place and gain complete control over access and permissions at the firm level.
Automated contract summary using AI
Get financial projections, summarised and digitized loan agreements and covenant declaration. Additionally, analyze financial documents using natural language queries.

Who we serve?

Asset Managers

Administer portfolio borrowers effeciently to mitigate risk.

Lenders can track entire loan book to make better credit decisions. Proactively monitor covenants and ESG, to ensure compliance by sending notifications and reminders to borrowers.


Prevent defaulting on covenants to avoid penalties.

Borrowers get a unified platform for management of all their lenders. Easily report all covenants, get early notifications and alrets to never miss a payment, and avoid significant penalties.

About Us

Tonmoy Shingal

Tonmoy Shingal


Co-founder of Binocs, Tonmoy Shingal previously founded, which was acquired by Mercer in 2018. With experience at Texas Instruments, his expertise drives our team.

LN Sadani

LN Sadani


Previously founder of Lensbridge Capital, also served as Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at Nomura. With over 20 years of experience in leading private equity funds like Apax and Ardian, LN brings invaluable insights to our endeavors.

Core Team comprises of senior technologists, experienced accountants, entrepreneurs

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Frequently asked questions

    • How does LMS assist in covenant tracking?

      LMS provides robust covenant tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor compliance with loan agreements and obligations. It enables automatic notifications and alerts for upcoming covenant deadlines, ensuring proactive management and adherence to terms.

    • How does the Data Management feature work in the Binocs software?

      Binocs Data management functionalities enables users to efficiently organize, store, and retrieve loan-related data. It centralizes information, improves data accuracy, and enhances accessibility for informed decision-making.

    • Does Binocs customize software to specific business requirements?

      Yes, we provide a highly customizable to meet the unique needs of different businesses and industries. It offers configurable workflows, reporting tools, and integration capabilities, allowing for tailored solutions that align with specific operational processes and objectives.

    • What types of analyses can be performed using AI in LMS?

      AI in LMS enables a range of analyses including predictive modeling, risk assessment, portfolio optimization, and trend identification. It leverages machine learning algorithms to uncover insights and patterns in loan data.