Binocs Wallet Integrations

Integrate your cryptocurrency wallets, and calculate taxes seamlessly

Binocs has integrated with 50+ wallets to calculate taxes from all possible sources.

Users simply need to sync their crypto wallet accounts with Binocs and that's it! Binocs calculates the taxes efficiently




How do you integrate crypto exchanges to calculate taxes on Binocs?

  • Visit to log in or signup on to the Binocs app
  • Users can log in with their user credentials or choose the option Login with Google (Log in with google can also help you Sign up)
  • Once you sign in, the interface will direct you to > Connect a wallet/exchange page
  • Select the chain you wish to integrate with
  • Enter the public address of your account in the field and press connect


All the trades are now integrated on a single platform.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Binocs.

Do I need to add any personal information?

No personal information is required to set up your account and profile. Binocs has no KYC requirements, which means you can continue using our features and softwares anonymously. To sign up, only your email ID is required. But apart from that, KYC-related documents are not needed.

How to import data from crypto wallets?


Does Binocs sell my cryptocurrency data?

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