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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Binocs.

How can Binocs help me with my crypto taxes?

Whether it’s understanding your crypto transactions or filing taxes on them, we can help you filter out transactions and help you compute your net tax liability. Filing crypto taxes can be cumbersome and a tedious process because of various transactions. But with Binocs, you just need to sync your transactions across multiple exchanges and wallets, reconcile the consolidated transactions and let Binocs calculate your crypto taxes for you.

How to integrate transactions on Binocs?

Why is transaction tagging important?

Where can I read about my country’s tax laws related to crypto transactions?

What do I do if I notice that the cost basis for an asset is incorrect?

What are the advantages of the Portfolio View?

How do I know my portfolio value and holdings?

How can I check my open derivative positions?

How can I check my open lending/borrowing positions?

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