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Block height


One way to identify the position of a block in a blockchain is through block height. Using the Genesis block as 0, all blocks are numbered in ascending order. This number defines the block height.

Understanding the term

A block height can also be expressed as b minus 1, where b is the total length of the blockchain. It can either refer to the length or size of a blockchain at present or at a point in time. For instance, Bitcoin halving occurs every 210,000 blocks. There may be more than one block with the same block height in a blockchain, competing for the same position.

A cryptocurrency’s block height indicates how often new blocks are discovered and added to its chain. Therefore, block explorers often display block height as key pieces of information that help users who are looking for specific transactions or blocks. 


Block height is the number of confirmed blocks preceding a specific block in a blockchain. Using the current block height of a blockchain, users can determine a point in time in the blockchain.

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