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Private Sale


In the case of financial markets, any sale that occurs exclusively for a specific number of participants is called a “private sale.” Private sales are common within the crypto space.

Understanding the term

Private crypto sales offer advantages that public sales do not. For example, the participating early investors get to purchase digital assets at discounted prices as compared to public sales or crowd sales.

Owing to the discounted prices, once the coins are finally released for public access, private sale investors get the benefit of quick and high returns. Private sales are not only rewarding for investors, but most early-stage companies also get financial backing from institutional investors for project development.

Within the crypto industry, private sales are both lauded for their advantages and sometimes criticized for restricting average investors. Experts say that private sales give way to a centralized approach by allowing only a handful of investors to own a somewhat significant portion of the total token supply.


In the case of a private crypto sale commenced by an emerging crypto project, the prices of tokens are not revealed to the general public. Only those who receive an invite are allowed to attend a private sale.

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