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Supply Chain


A supply chain can be defined as a network involving different people and businesses that create and sell products using technology.

Understanding the term

Every industrial process, including the delivery of materials to the manufacturers and the shipping of the products created to the customers, falls under a supply chain. In the case of commercial goods, each and every stage of development and sale is managed through a supply chain.

Since supply chain data is not always transparent and dependable, experts recommend managing the supply chain using the latest technologies available, such as blockchain, to stay ahead of their competitors.

Blockchain is considered an ideal solution for supply chain management, and many institutional entities like IBM have already started working on a relevant offering. It is easier to improve the limited visibility in supply chains through distributed ledger technology.

The IBM blockchain supply chain solution uses smart contracts with automatic triggers that give real-time visibility and other features when certain business conditions are fulfilled. It is expected that by using blockchain, anyone can form a resilient chain of supply that makes it easy for new suppliers to get onboard.


A supply chain is an overall industrial process that involves manufacturing, transferring, and selling high-end products using a network of participants. One of the most reliable technologies to be applied in supply chain management is blockchain.

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